Customs Brokerage & Quarantine

FCMI handles the complex task of organising and moving your shipments through Customs as quickly and efficiently as possible. We have trained and qualified Customs Brokers with many years of experience to ensure that your products are entered correctly with both Australian customs & quarantine to ensure that there are no delays in delivering your cargo. Our Brokers are available to provide advice to ensure that the lowest correct duty is paid and that all other statutory requirements are complied with.

As FCMI has worldwide network, we can obtain your commercial documentation on your behalf from your suppliers. This allows us to ensure your paperwork is correct and all customs regulations are met. All shipments are pre cleared before arrival enabling us to deliver your shipment upon arrival in any Australian Seaport or Airport. Our State of the Art computer system allows us to link live with Australian Customs Interactive System. Which allows us a quicker response on the lodgement and clearance of Customs and Quarantine Import Declarations.